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Black Gold

Financed mostly by Arab countries and shot on location in African country and Qatar, Black Gold is associate degree folktale fable regarding the settlement of a protracted group action between 2 emirs on the Arabia at some unspecified time within the early twentieth century, and the way warfare breaks out once a TX company strikes oil within the no man’s land separating the 2 countries. Nesib (Antonio Banderas) needs to use the new wealth to create faculties and hospitals in his land and lift living standards; the austere Amar (Mark Strong) needs to defy progress and avoid the temptations of mammon and materialism. it is a warm, timid affair, sexually, dramatically and politically. Nearer, in fact, to the B-movie easterns star Maria Lola Montez that Universal created within the Nineteen Forties than to Lawrence of peninsula, although nobody truly says « It is written », that I rather incomprehensible . Freddie Young and John Seale, WHO won Oscars as cinematographers on severally Lawrence and also the English Patient, each created sand look additional fascinating than it will here.

catégorie: Documentaire

annee: 2005

Realisateur: Marc Francis, Nick Francis

Acteur: Terrence Howard

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